Entry for long stay (exceeding 90 days)

Regulations on a stay exceeding 90 days fall within the competence of national authorities, therefore there is no uniform routine among the Schengen States.

Foreign nationals requesting entry to Hungary with a purpose of a long stay may submit a residence permit application at our Embassy. Please visit OIF website for the specific requirements. 

To book an appointment, you can click HERE. 

The decision on the residence permit falls within the scope of the regional directorates of the Országos Idegenrendészeti Főigazgatóság - OIF. The application forms for resident permits can be downloaded from the OIF website. Any request for supplemental information about the application must be directed at the Office.

In case of success, the applicant will get a residential visa authorizing him/her to a single entry for receiving a residence permit in the first 30 days after arrival to Hungary.

Although our Embassy does process Schengen visa applications for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia, we do not process residential visa applications to the same countries. For further information, you need to contact the nearest embassies of the respective countries.


  • Proof of lawful stay in Singapore (PR Card, Employment or S-pass, work permit, entry visa, etc.), shown in original and submitted in copy.
  • Valid passport, issued within the last 10 years and containing at least 2 blank pages, with a validity of at least 3 months more after the requested expiry of the visa.
  • A wholly and legibly completed, signed “residence permit” application form and its appendix (if needed). 
  • Supporting documents regarding the purpose of stay, as per OIF website.
  • Any document indicated as required by OIF
  • Please scan the documents of your application, name the files appropriately and send them to our e-mail address 1 day before your appointment in PDF files not exceeding 2 MBs and not more than 4 files for each email. 

The fee for the residence permit application is 110 EUR, which you can pay in cash in SGD. You receive the exact payment instructions at the time of your appointment.

As a general rule, the regional directorate processes the application within 30 days. In case of refusal, the client may lodge an appeal within 8 days from the notification. The fee to appeal is 160 EUR.