From 1st September, new measures have been introduced relating to entry to Hungary. 

Non-Hungarian nationals – in general – cannot enter Hungary, with a few exceptions:

  • foreign nationals who are residents of Hungary or have a residential visa for entering - persons belonging to this group do not need to apply for a police entry permit as mentioned later


  • persons who have to present themselves in front of a court for legal purposes, proven by official documents from a Hungarian court;
  • business travel or work related entry, with an invitation letter signed by either a central governmental administrative body, an autonomous regulatory body or an autonomous state administration body;
  • persons with healthcare appointment, with an official letter from the destination healthcare institution;
  • attending family events (marriage, christening, funeral);
  • taking care of a relative;
  • attending important, international sports, cultural and religious events; or
  • any reasonable reasons beyond the aforementioned points.

Request of entry has to be submitted electronically on the website of the Hungarian Police (https://ugyintezes.police.hu/en/meltanyossagi-kerelem). Beyond stating the reason for entry, all requests have to be accompanied with official documents. Groups travelling together may submit one case together.



The quarantine rules and requirements are applicable. Quarantine is for 14 days, which can be shortened by arranging for 2 appropriate tests done in Hungary (or Schengen Area countries, the United States and Canada). The list of institutions providing the required test is available at https://nnk.gov.hu.